Enterprise Level Agile Coaching

In addition to our certified and non-certified agile training, we offer on-site customized enterprise level
coaching tailored to your specific needs. Coaching is designed to help you apply skills you learned in our training
to your organization’s specific agile implementation challenges.

We offer following types of agile coaching:

  • 1

    Agile transitions and transformation for one team or up to 100 scrum teams

  • 2

    Agile release planning

  • 3

    Access agile maturity

  • 4

    Create healthy product backlog and write good agile requirements using user stories format

  • 5

    Conduct or facilitate scrum ceremonies

  • 6

    Conduct effective scrum of scrum sessions

  • 7

    Facilitate estimation sessions

  • 8

    Facilitate backlog refinement sessions

Please request a free consultation today to discuss your training and coaching needs. Contact us at support@dailyagile.com for more details.

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