What customers are saying about our courses?

Jacques Van Dyk


Manish did a stellar job presenting the complex SaFe Lean Portfolio Manager 5.1 material virtually. I had my reservations about virtual learning, but Manish presented the course really well, and I felt that I was in a classroom setting. Manish took breaks at the optimal time and worked around by busy schedule when I had to drop off early on the first day. I ended up taking the exam and passed with a 91% mark. Better than any in-person class before. Worth the time and money. Thanks Manish... kudos to you and your team!

Ryan Mills


I recently participated in SAFe 5 POPM training led by Manish. It was excellent training, and Manish's engaging, clear communication provided a great foundation for my going forward and passing the exam. I'd highly recommend working with Manish.

Lorraine (Lori) Costanzo


I recently took a SAFe Agilist course led by Manish. He was knowledgeable, engaging, open to questions and provided clear explanations. I was well prepared for the exam. Highly recommend Manish as an instructor!

Varunima Bohra, A-CSPO


Advanced  CSPO Done! Enjoyed the interactive and insightful training by Kiran Thakkar, CST from DailyAgile. Happy to learn a few more product owner skills 🙂

Joseph James Yaco, MPM, CSM

SAP Practice Consulting Services

What a great way to start the year, with a new certification as Certified ScrumMaster (CSM®). A designation offered by Scrum Alliance to practitioners who have successfully completed a CSM® course and demonstrate their understanding by passing the exam. Thank you Kiran Thakkar, CSTfor an awesome training.DailyAgile

Oguz Ozyurt, MBA, A-CSM

2021 is off to a great start! Got my Advanced Certified ScrumMaster℠ certificate today. Had an amazing time learning and interacting with the class. Thanks Kiran Thakkar, CST for a great workshop and instructions!

Parag Deshmukh


Many Thanks to Kiran Thakkar, CST for Well organized & engaging Training with amazing real life experiences. Really excited to implement principles learned in this Training !!

Nandini Shreenivas – Great Coach!

NTT Data Global Services

I am excited to share that I have successfully completed the certification on CSM with Scrum Alliance and big thanks to the great coach Kiran Thakkar, CST in guiding us right to achieve this.

Chetan Choudhary, Geologist

L&T Infotech

Stepping forward with Certified Scrum Master. Thank you Kiran Thakkar, CST for wonderful knowledge sharing sessions including Q&A and to Scrum Alliance for a great certification experience!

Aditya Badwaik, “gratefulness to Kiran Thakkar, CST my coach and my true Scrum Trainer”

Achieving a Scrum master certification has been one of the important milestone in my career, as the ever changing times in the career and my personal business ambitions are demanding more effective and efficient techniques to manage and prosper. Thank You Scrum Alliance and Scrum.org for giving me this opportunity to learn and implement the principles of scrum in everyday life and career. Also I extend my gratefulness to Kiran Thakkar, CST my coach and my true Scrum Trainer, without whom this achievement wouldn't have been possible.

Paul McCaffrey, Even when working remotely!


Very excited to have completed the Certified Scrum Master (CSM) course hosted by Kiran Thakkar, CST and Scrum Alliance. Thank you for providing a wonderful experience, even when working remotely! #CSM #scrumalliance

Anusha Vemuri, Even when working remotely!

JPMorgan & Chase Co.

Thank you Kiran Thakkar, CST and Scrum Alliance for providing a wonderful experience, even when working remotely! #CSM #scrumalliance

Priyanka Pathak, Senior Product Program Manager


Super Happy to complete my certification for Product Owner !! Thank you Kiran Thakkar, CST for providing an enriching remote learning experience !! Never thought remote learning could be so interactive and fun as well #learningeveryday #remotelearning !!

Deepanshu Saxena

Excited to be a Certified Scrum Master !!! Big Thanks to Kiran Thakkar, CST for impactful training and guidance. No stone left unturned in making the sessions interactive and comprehensive. #scrumalliance #scrummastertraining #learning #scrumcertification



Thank you very much Kiran Thakkar, CST and #RBC #learning #training #workshop for providing the wonderful learning experience. Great interactive 2 day workshop that went by fast with collaborative effort from everyone in the group.

Tarun Thakur,


A step towards Agile journey! Special thanks to Kiran Thakkar, CST for an amazing session over the last 2 days and to Scrum Alliance for a great certification experience!

Valerie Bennett


Amazing instructions and real life examples. So grateful to start my first week off with CX taking Certified Scrum Master Course. Kiran Thakkar, CST provided some amazing instruction and real life examples to my fellow CX teammates and we all earned our CSM Certifications! Can't wait to see how I get to leverage these concepts into my new role.

Jeff Dever

NAV Canada

I attended a 3 day SAFe for Architects training course hosted by Manish. The presentations, insights and resulting group discussions were highly valuable. The relevancy to current issues facing our organization were spot on. I highly recommend Manish for SAFe training and agile coaching.

Neelima Mangal

Omnipresence Technologies

I had the tremendous pleasure of attending Leading SAFe Agilist workshop hosted by Manish past weekend. It was Manish’s first virtual session and during this two-day course, he did an excellent job of sharing the knowledge with regards to Lean-Agile enterprise by leveraging the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) and its underlying principles derived from Lean, systems thinking, Agile development, product development flow, and DevOps.. Manish is a detailed oriented, care deeply for his colleagues and gave wonderful training. I highly recommend Manish as an Agile coach and SAFe trainer and wish him the best. Best wishes!

Souvik Saha


Manish is one of the most charismatic and energetic trainer I have come across. His method to teaching is extremely hands on and interactive. His courses on SAFe are highly recommended.

Melissa Uren

Had a wonderful session with Kiran Thakkar, CST and colleagues over the last two days and am thrilled to be officially certified!

Jason J. Whitmore, “I can’t recommend Kiran enough!”

Media & Tech Giant

I took Kiran's CSPO course and it was fantastic! Kiran is a passionate, funny, and phenomenal teacher with extensive experience--this man has seen it all and has incredible advice for any situation you are facing at your company. His course is accessible if you're coming from outside the traditional tech industry environment and I feel prepared to step in to the role as CSPO after taking his course. I can't recommend Kiran enough!

Shailav Patel, Senior System Engineer

The Vanguard Group

I would highly recommend Kiran Thakkar. I took two certification courses with him CSM and A-CSM, his knowledge, expertise, and style of teaching, is the best and it makes it easy to understand the concepts. Different tools and examples that he shared was great. Always take time to explain questions asked during the class.

Lohith Javvaji

I have attended the training course provided by Kiran for the CSM and right from the beginning till the very end his energy levels never dropped for even a single minute. He strives to impart the knowledge with genuine efforts and ensures you leave the class with confidence instilled to take up the exam. His level of professionalism blended with a perfect sense of humor sets up the learning environment way different than what others provide. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who loves the agile world and is looking for directions to make a start or enhance their careers.

Ryan Hirschey – AVP

Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Kiran is an excellent instructor in the agile methodology. I have taken 2 courses with him and each was packed with well-organized information. He breaks down each component, explains concepts in detail, shares examples and best practices, and provides a lot of opportunities for active learning. This will help in taking this from the classroom back into the office.

Brett Henry – I thought I knew!


I was very surprised by how much I learned in Kiran's course. I thought I knew the majority of Scrum rules but his level of detail is exceptional. Additionally, he has a tone and demeanor that is very conducive to a class room setting. You can tell he's honed his skills over many years of feedback. Yes, he even does retrospectives on himself and his courses. Anyone interested in learning Scrum would be greatly benefited by attending one of Kiran's classes. The time flies by and he keeps all the break-out group exercises to the point and fun. I will be returning to Kiran for some advanced certifications in the future. You can probably tell: 5 Star Rating!

Heather Russell


Kiran provided excellent guidance and has a wealth of experience and knowledge. I truly enjoyed his CSM training course and his lighthearted approach to introduce the material while learning. I would definitely recommend his course and will attend future courses guided by him.

Vinay, Product Owner

Stats Perform

I had the opportunity to attend Kiran’s coaching session for -CSPO. The training was highly interactive and engaging. Kiran has in-depth knowledge, expertise, and practical experience of implementing agile and scrum across organizations globally. I would highly recommend him as trainer to individuals and companies aiming to transform their business processes and software delivery using Agile methodology. By Vinay Narasaiah

Kris Reed Vandenbroeck


“I also loved it! He highly encouraged participation during the lecturing sessions and gave us breakout sessions to practice working on a quick "make a brochure" project where he made sure we were applying our Scrum/Agile learnings. After each breakout session, he talked us through what we did in our sessions to really drive home how using the Scrum/Agile methods helped us communicate and improve efficiency in group projects. I tend to struggle with the intense bootcamp type of learning sessions that Cisco sponsors, due to my learning disability, so I had my doubts going in to the course. I was thoroughly satisfied with the course materials and the teaching skills of Kiran. He explained everything in an easy to understand way, providing stories for examples during each lesson to make sure we could understand the practical use of the lesson. 10 out of 10, would recommend.” As a student of yours with a learning disability, the way you managed to explain things was amazingly helpful. It was so nice to not feel like I was falling behind my peers like I usually feel due to the way bootcamp classes are typically taught. Thank you so much, By Reed Vandenbroeck, Project Specialist, CISCO

Ashok Chandrasekaran

Health Catalyst

I was a student in Manish Thakkar's VIRTUAL! Leading SAFe 5.0 Certification Training on Saturday November 7th, 2020 and Sunday November 8th, 2020 and it was phenomenal experience on all facets. Manish Thakkar's instruction, training and course delivery was instrumental to my learning and I was very impressed with all facets of the learning. It was an interactive experience with other peers in the class. At all times I felt the learning was applicable to my work and professional development. At all times my questions were addressed and my student peer's questions. I would highly recommend this course for anyone exploring Leading SAFe 5.0 Certification training because it really set me up for success going forward and I feel this training has equipped me to deliver tremendous results at my job and apply the SAFe principles in the work.

Robert Hutcheon


Firstly, thank you for not torturing me with PowerPoint for 2 days — it was a breath of fresh air, Your use of SCRUM practical application was absolutely the correct vehicle to get the points across, To be honest in addition to the 'nuts & bolts' of SCRUM the course also made me rethink how I approach/lead teams and that will be the biggest adjustment for me. By Robert Hutcheon.

Afrooz Katanbaf-Nasab


Had one of my best online training few weeks back with Manish for SAFe! Very well and vast knowledge on the framework!

Lorie Karpyn

Kiran is a fantastic instructor; engages the class by encouraging them to think about the reality of their own situations with regard to the concepts being taught. His vast experience allows him to talk to the reality of implementation of the techniques being taught vs. simply reciting text from the slides.  

Pardeep Gullapalli

The training at DailyAgile by Kiran really provided valuable knowledge and the trainer had in-depth knowledge on the subject. Though I'm working in Scrum environment this has been an additional toolkit to implement at my work immediately. After attending 2 day class, I became confident to take and complete the exam within a week which I'm very happy that I'm CSM now.

Dan Powell, Vice President

I recently completed the Certified ScrumMaster Course taught by Kiran Thakkar of DailyAgile.  The course prepared me to pass the online certification exam the first time that I took it.  One aspect of the class that I found helpful was the real-world experiences that Kiran shared about his personal experiences implementing Scrum in a large corporation.  His in-depth knowledge of the material made it easy for everyone to get answers to their questions.  The class was fun and interactive with group activities and discussions.  I would definitely recommend Kiran and DailyAgile to anyone looking for training or Agile coaching.
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